SOLID Chiesa Diruta should turn into a public space and take part to the built environment as a point of reference and landmark for Grottole and its surroundings. Therefore its architecture dares to be massive, durable and tangible. 

For music and voices to resonate again, the scattered ruins are tightly woven together into one solid hall. 

FLEXIBLE As a contemporary place of gathering, Chiesa Diruta shall cater for widely diverse uses and users: three stages are created within the skeleton of the ancient cathedral. The main stage is located in the heart of the church, washed with light filtering from the upper dome. A new chapel is carved in direct continuity with the left nave of the Chiesa Diruta to host a secondary stage: here string quartets, political debates and jazz sessions may vibrate for a smaller audience. 

DAILY Besides performing arts and events, we would like the church to become an everyday meeting point for locals and travellers: while the rest of the auditorium remains closed to the public, people could enjoy the breeze of a sunset on the terrace, purposely left open, and sip an aperitivo from the bar or watch a projection. 

FLOW To make use of the whole nave as auditorium, the once main gates will be closed and the central axis broken. Instead visitors will be led through a hortus conclusus into the former transept of the church, now converted into a reception and box office. From there on, people would walk around the main stage towards the terrace or to the cavea. This latter is shaped into large stepped platforms that overflow in all side chapels and unify the space. 

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